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Adaptogenic Mushroom Extracts

Explore our Triple-Phase Extraction tinctures made from
100% Mushroom Fruitbodies.

High-end liquid extracts,
gummy edibles, and more.

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Why HALÖ Immunity Blend?

Medicinal mushrooms contain a wide spectrum of adaptogenic compounds that can be taken as a single species, but more effective is blended for a synergistic effect. We've formulated our signature blend with 6 of the most respected mushrooms in medical research and laboratory trials and it's now available here for you.


Turkey Tail mushroom

Turkey Tail -
Trametes versicolor

Helps with:
Gut Health, Inflammation, and Immune Function


Reishi mushroom.jpg

Reishi (Ling Chi) -
Ganoderma lingzhi

Helps with:
Blood Sugar Stabilization, Inflammation, Anti-Anxiety,
and Cough/Asthma


maitake mushroom

Maitake -
Grifola frondosa

Helps with:
Weight management, Cardiovascular health, Gut & Immune Health


Lions Mane mushroom

Lion's Mane -
Hericium erinaceus

Helps with:
Neurogenesis - promotes brain cell growth, Gut, Heart & Immune Health


cordyceps larvae

Cordyceps -
Cordyceps militaris

Helps with:
Fatigue, Cardiovascular health, Sex Drive, & Anti-Aging


Chaga mushroom

Chaga -
Inonotus obliquus

Helps with:
Mood and Stress, Chronic Inflammation, Cholesterol Levels, & Immune Health

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