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Hope meets compassion.

Helping you navigate transformation from the deepest trauma.

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The Blue Portal Wellness specializes in psychedelic mushroom therapies performed in safe and legal settings, group therapy, and private online one-on-one sessions. Choose a program that's fits your wellness needs.

Private and Group Mushroom Wellness Retreats

We host these retreats in beautiful, serene and legal locations. We have options for up to 2 ceremonies per retreat. We offer a variety of modalities during retreats such as breath work and sound healing. Each retreat is carefully curated by our lead therapist to provide a unique healing experience for you. 

12-Week Online Group Therapy

We offer a safe and supportive space for you to engage within a group setting, where you can connect with others and find the support you need. We provide a powerful tool to restore your wholeness of your well-being through psychodynamic relationships within the group.

Private Virtual Support and Integration

Micro-tailored to your unique needs, a therapist will work closely with you to achieve greater emotional clarity and balance before and after a psychedelic journey. 

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