Psilocybin Assisted Therapy Experience
Guided therapies in beautiful and serene locations



The Blue Portal is a Psilocybin-assisted therapy experience in a safe and legal setting in Jamaica and Costa Rica that is like no other. Founded by best-selling author and mushroom expert Tradd Cotter and overseen by lead therapist and facilitator Irene Dubin, the Blue Portal is a path taken for a variety of reasons, from depression to artistic revival. The primary sessions are in a small, intimate group setting (10-12 participants maximum Jamaica and 20 maximum Costa Rica) with certified therapists and guides to assist in your journey and intentions. The experience begins as a blindfolded session for several hours depending on dosage. Leaving the group space is not allowed until all participants have returned from the intense part of the experience for safety and staffing purposes. All participants are screened for medical conditions, medications, and reasons for attending, so not all applications are approved for safety reasons. Private meetings with your facilitator are scheduled and arranged both before, during, and after your visit to maximize the efficiency of the session. Participants are encouraged to attend group socials and have the opportunity to speak to those who have had their experience, that are willing to open up and share their transformations.



The Blue Portal is hosting group sessions in both Montego Bay, Jamaica and Cahuita, Costa Rica. Both properties have multiple common areas and space for privacy, yoga, meditation, and of course relaxation. Here are some individual descriptions of both properties.

Montego Bay, Jamaica: The Wharf House is a beautifully restored historic home with multiple outbuildings that can accommodate 12 participants located right on the water with a small private beach and dock. The gardens are lush and beautiful with a few trees that are over 250 years old.

Cahuita, Costa Rica: The Garden Goddess sits about 500 yards from the beach, an easy walk, that has dark sand (black sand beach is just down the road). Lush and tropical, trees filled with monkeys, sloths and an occasional toucan and other exotic birds on many trails throughout the property.



2022 Blue Portal Calendar For Montego Bay, Jamaica

Location: The Wharf House 

Group Retreat 3 nights/4 days- November 7-10 ( SOLD OUT)
Individual or Couples Sessions – November 5 or 6, 2022 ( SOLD OUT)

2023 Blue Portal Calendar For Montego Bay, Jamaica

Location: The Wharf House 

Group Retreat 3 nights/4 days -February 11-13 (1 session) or February 13-17 (1 session) 

Individual or Couples Sessions -February 17, 18, or 19, 2023 ( SOLD OUT)

2023 Blue Portal Calendar For Cahuita, Costa Rica

Cahuita, Costa Rica: The Garden Goddess 

Group Retreat 5 nights/6 days April 22-27, 2023 ( 2 sessions)

Group Retreat 5 nights/6 days July 8-13, 2023 (2 sessions)

Individual or couples Sessions July 2-5, 2023 limited availability 

2023 Blue Portal Calendar For Montego Bay, Jamaica

Registration open for Psychotherapists/ Mental Health Practitioners

Experiential Retreat Level 1 Training 

Contact Irene Dubin for more information and requirements:



What does it cost to attend the retreat?

Group Sessions

Costa Rica - $5400 shared room with one other participant (gender matched) 5 nights/6 days - 2 ceremonies included


Jamaica - $3600-4900 room options available for private and shared (gender matched) chosen at registration. Private rooms limited. 3 nights/4 days -1 ceremony included


All meals, lodging, airport transportation (regional flight in Costa Rica), preparation therapy session, integration therapy, group therapy and ceremonies are included in the GROUP retreats. 


Private Sessions

Costa Rica and Jamaica - $4200 - 2 nights/3 days 


All meals and lodging, consultations, preparation therapy session, integration therapy and a single ceremony are included in the costs. Transportation and additional services available.


Group, couples, and Veteran Discounts available upon inquiry.

What is included at the retreat?

The only thing that is not included is your airfare, the rest is all inclusive! Arrive at the airport and board one of our private vans and you are transported to and from the retreat center just 30 minutes away. Lodging and three vegetarian meals a day are included. The 7 days and 6 nights stay includes the preparation of the medicine for the ceremony. There is the option to travel off site on integration days to a beautiful natural location. What makes The Blue Portal different is that options for integration and immersion can include yoga, artwork, and evening talks from author and expert Tradd Cotter on topics such as medicinal fungi, cultivation, microdosing, and other amazing topics, so for those who wish to participate it’s like getting private workshops as a bonus!

What is a Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy Experience Like?

A mediated psychedelic experience is a powerful and safe tool that can be life-changing. Psilocybin is non-toxic and non-addictive, unlike some pharmaceutical treatments that are a “pill a day” or “band-aid” approach to ignoring the deep, underlying issues that cause a particular unwanted condition such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, obesity, alcoholism, nicotine addiction, and other substance abuse concerns.

Our treatment locations are comfortable beds in a room with candlelight and comforting artwork and light music. Participants are recommended to wear the eye shades provided to direct their journey within and to explore your consciousness deep and far beyond your superficial levels of awareness. The eye shades provided allow for your eyes to open and close without touching the shades to give you a sense of total darkness and the ability to roam your thoughts and landscape without ever standing up, much like the experience of a virtual reality simulation, where you control the visions. Psilocybin can have an onset of about 20 minutes as your sensations of touch and sight begin to amplify. About 30-45 minutes into the experience, you will drop into the full spectrum of the session, the most powerful arena, which lasts about 3-4 hours. It is during this time that participants will unlock doors and confront the roots of their depression, unlock hidden power to inspire or create, or see the reality in a whole new light. Facilitators and guides are there at all times for any or no discussion, it is totally up to you to ask for advice or comfort if the experience is overwhelming or if you need direction at times. The last 2 hours of the session are very rewarding, as you are snug in your new skin, and your body and mind relax into the most comforting and content sleepiness, exhaustion from the intensity and process has made you tired, and so most may find dinner and rest the best option.
The first session can be like your first roller coaster ride, many describe the experience as a rebirth, and the memories are long lasting. Many participants feel a prolonged sense of permanence in the effects of psilocybin on their condition or intention. The mediator is your anchor and safety navigator, which allows you to go deep without the fear of anxiety or personal injury. All mediators have experience with the psychedelic landscape and will help you navigate the hallways if needed. Mediators may also take notes on your behavior, verbalization, and your visions for your integration the following day.
A full orientation of expectations and guidance is provided a month before your session. Preparing mentally and physically before a session begins weeks in advance, and your mediator will contact you with specific recommendations to make the most out of your healing session.

What is not permitted at the retreat?

The use of alcohol or drugs is not permitted during the retreat or on the retreat property.

Are Private Sessions Available?

Yes, but they are limited spaces available, so inquire early. We typically accept private sessions a few days before the group sessions, so arriving early an option for some wishing for a more intimate experience. Costs for individual sessions only include the intention and integration interviews, medicine cost and the facilitators, and typically are performed at a nearby hotel or location that is reserved and paid for by the participant. The cost for a private session is $4200 per person. Couples’ discounts available.

Meet The Team

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Tradd Cotter,

The Blue Portal

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Irene Dubin,

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Douglas Dean

Logistics & Lab Manager

Itinerary for Group Sessions 5 Nights/6 Days in COSTA RICA

Day 1 – Arrival! Settle into rooms and meet fellow participants and staff. Light Snacks.

Relax and explore retreat gardens or beach. 2pm – 7pm Group Overview and Intention Settings.Private Meetings with Therapists.

7pm Dinner. 8pm Quiet and Private Time.

Day 2- 7:00 AM - Morning Yoga and Meditation (optional). 8-9am –LightBreakfast. 9 am Arrive and Orientation of Ceremony Space. 10am-5PM 1 st Mushroom Ceremony. Nature or Beach Walk (optional) 5-7 PM Dinner / rest and reflection.

Day 3– 7:00 am - Morning Yoga and Meditation (optional). 8-9am Breakfast. 9 am - Group Circle and Integration Meetings. 1 pm Lunch. 2pm-7pm-Group Therapy and Breakout Integration activities on site. 7 pm – Dinner and rest.

Day 4– 7:00 AM - Morning Yoga and Meditation (optional). 8-9am –Light Breakfast. 9 am Arrive and Orientation of Ceremony Space. 10am-5 PM 2 nd Mushroom Ceremony. Nature or Beach Walk (optional) 5-7 PM Dinner / rest and reflection.


Day 5– 7:00 am - Morning Yoga and Meditation (optional). 8-9am Breakfast. 9 am – Final Group Circle and Integration Meetings. 1 pm Lunch. 2pm-7pm- Final Private Group Therapy meeting and Breakout Integration activities on site.

7 pm – Dinner. 8-9pm Lecture: Medicinal Mushrooms and  Mushroom Cultivation by Tradd Cotter ( optional)

Day 6 – 7:00 - Morning Yoga and Meditation (optional). 8 am Breakfast and Departures to Limon Airport.




Your Life Journey Begins Here – Steps to Apply and Attend

Step 1  Fill out the web application. 
It is confidential and only seen by facilitators and will be electronically destroyed after use. Make sure your passport is valid for the dates you will be abroad through your return.

Step 2  After your application is approved you will receive a confirmation email and options for retreat dates and accommodations will be available. Payment will be due at this time to reserve your space at the retreat.

Step 3  Once payment is received you will receive an email to set up a private consultation with the lead therapist to discuss your intentions and expectations.

Step 4 – Book your flight! Rates increase if booking last minute so we recommend not waiting too long after confirmation. Search for flights arriving no later than 2pm. Confirm flight itinerary with Tradd before booking.

Step 5 – A negative COVID test will need to be presented at your airlines (if required, please, check current rules and regulations), taken less than 72 hours prior to your departure from your location. Rapid antigen tests are commonly free at most national pharmacy chains. A confirmation or copy of your COVID test results should be mailed to staff and a reminder will be sent a week before your arrival.

Step 6 – A step by step arrival and navigating the airport and customs will be sent a week before you arrive. Consider it a personal tour guide to ease the anxiety of arriving and what to expect and where to congregate and meet for pickup by our team.

Step 7 – Arrive at the retreat, settle in and meet fellow participants and faculty!